Outdoor gyms

Note. The colors of the devices are selected randomly.
Rider R15
Air walker R04
Cross-trainer R11
Double excercising bars R30
Single pendulum R03A
Double pendulum R03B
Single push chair R01A
Double push chair R01B
Push chair + pull chair M01
Single pull chair R02A
Double pull chair R02B
Single leg stretcher R05A
Double leg stretcher R05B
Single Tai Chi wheels R18A
Double Tai Chi wheels R18B
Tai Chi wheels + rudder M03
Single rudder R19A
Double rudder R19B
Triple twister R08C
Single twister R08A
Double twister R08B
Single stepper R21A
Double stepper R21B
Single abductor R24A
Double abductor R24B
Bicycle R25
Single ski rider R22A
Double ski rider R22B
Hands lift R50
Legs lift R51
Rower R31
Motion coordinator R52
Butterfly D06R+SZ+SLW2
Butterfly rewerse D07R+SZ+SLW2
Ladder D29+SLW2
Bench press D20R+SLN1
Twister + Pendulum M04
Single bench D10+SLN1
Double bench D10+SLN2+D10
Bench + Back extensor D10+SLN2+D14
Twister + stepper M05
Pendulum + stepper M06
Abductor + Stepper M07
Abductor + twister M08
Pendulum + abductor M09
Pendulum + Air Walker + Twister M15
Abductor + air walker + stepper M16
Chest press D01+P01
Pull down D02+P01
Pendulum D03+P01
Air walker D04+P01
Legs press D05+P01
Butterfly D06R+SZ+P01
Butterfly rewerse D07R+SZ+P01
Back extensor D14+P01
Twister D08+P01
Bench D10+P01
Elliptical trainer D11+P01
Handrails D30+P01
Rider D15+P01
Pull up bar D16+P01
Tai Chi Wheels D18+P01
Rudder D19+P01
Bench press D20R+P01
Stepper D21+P01
Ski rider D22+P01
Abductor D24+P01
Bicycle D25+P01
Legs lift D28+P01
Ladder D29+P01
Rower D31+P01
Pull down integrative D02R+SI+P01
Bench press integrative D01R+SI+P01
Butterfly integrative D06R+SI+P01
Butterfly rewerse integrative D07R+SI+P01
Bench for exercising the muscles of the thighs and abdomen D55