Check our promotion! The more you buy, the more you get.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of our company, we have prepared a special offer for the entire range. With every purchase above PLN 10,000 gross, you will receive 10% of the amount spent on further purchases of our products.

The promotional offer applies to all devices from the 2021/2022 catalog.

Promotion Rules:

1. Promotion name: The more you buy, the more you get

The promotion is organized by Avis Ekologiczne Place Zabaw S. C. Marek Małecki and Karina Małecka, hereinafter referred to as (the "Organizer").

2. Terms of using the promotion:

2.1 Promotion period: -01.02.2021 - 31.12.2021

2.2 Place of the promotion - Avis stationary store in the territory of the Republic of Poland, and purchases by phone.

2.3 The promotion may be used by a natural person with full legal capacity, a legal person or an organizational unit without legal personality, which the law grants legal capacity.

3. Detailed terms of the promotion

3.1 The promotion consists in granting the customer additional funds for further purchases of Avis Ekologiczne Playground products. Each customer who purchases Avis Ecological Playground products with a minimum gross value of PLN 10,000 during the promotion period indicated in point 2.1 will receive 10% of the amount spent on further purchases of Avis products. The table below shows examples of order amounts and the amount of the discount granted for each of them:

Sample order amount:

Bonus granted:

10 000 PLN

1000 PLN

20 000 PLN

2000 PLN

30 000 PLN

3000 PLN

40 000 PLN

4000 PLN

50 000 PLN

5000 PLN


3.3 The granted discount may be used only while making the transaction for which it was granted. The discount is not available for use at a later date. Any unused discount will be forfeited.

3.4 In matters not covered by these Regulations, the relevant provisions of the Civil Code shall apply.

3.5 The Organizer may introduce changes to these Regulations during the promotion. The changed terms of the Regulations will be made available on the website The introduced changes apply from the date of announcement of the amended Regulations, in accordance with the previous sentence. The date of changing the Regulations will also be indicated in the Regulations. Amendments to these Regulations do not apply to customers who joined the promotion before the date of the change.

3.6 Any disputes arising from the performance of obligations related to this promotion will be settled by a competent common court.

3.7 These Regulations are valid from 01/02/2021.

Lublin, 01/02/2021

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