About us

Modernity, reliability, safety and quality. These features are taken into account while designing and building our playgrounds. We have been operating on the market since 2002 and working with cities, local authorities, housing associations, schools and kindergartens. We have completed more than ten thousand orders from Polish and European customers.

We offer: wooden sets, metal sets, dedicated sets, sets for small children, swings, spring riders, slides, carousels, sandpits, springboards, weight swings, climbing nets, health paths, outdoor gyms, street workout devices, educational elements and small architecture: benches, gazebos, trash bins, bike racks.

We boast the most modern technological facilities and qualified production personnel. During production we don‘t employ subcontractors to guarantee the highest quality at the best price.

Due to several years of experience we have established a stable position on the market and gained wide knowledge concerning design, manufacture and installation of playground equipment. Our basic offer consists of sets in the Standard version made of the core pine wood, cylindrical trimmed and mounted on concrete foundations. There is also Standard "Plus" version – additional installation to the ground using steel anchors.

This year, we are pleased to introduce a new line of the same equipment in Premium, Premium "Plus" and Exclusive "Plus" versions. The equipment labeled as "Premium" is constructed on the basis of coreless cylindrical trimmed round wood. Similarly to the Standard version, the customer can order sets fixed to the ground with help of steel anchors – Premium "Plus".

We also offer a new third line, which is Exclusive "Plus". The basis of the products is glued laminated timber. The sets are fixed to the ground with help of steel anchors. For the production of spring riders, safety equipment and roofs we use plywood of deciduous trees, which is waterproof and coated with melamine paper. We also offer the possibility to replace plywood elements with HDPE sheet  –  Lux HDPE.

All equipment from our offer and the materials from which they have been made, have certificates, declarations of conformity and approvals. We provide a 36 month warranty on all equipment on offer as well as warranty and post-warranty service throughout Poland.

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